Angels with only one wing

I felt like the odd one out.  I saw comments coming in like crazy when I signed on to “uni class” today.  There as an aura of excitement and fellow students were already posting links, asking questions, commenting.  I read a few, posted a few likes and realised they all seemed to be about  a “Dream reader.”

Are you serious  … is that the task?  I was so interested in chatting before class I had forgotten to check the task for today!  So I looked at the blackboard, sorry Dashboard again. No assignment there. I was on the wrong page. Went to the home page.  Yes… it’s there all right.

cropped-class-seal_seal-class-of-september-2014  Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

“New–to-you element” – that’s really exciting.  I had enrolled in this online class to sort out all the IT and tech wizardry of the blogosphere. The incredibly supportive WP team has given us all the technical details needed to embed videos, instagrams, tweets etc. for the “new to you element” portion. I don’t tweet (yet) but think I will try to embed a video today.

The other task to write about my Dream Reader  … now that’s another story (figuratively speaking because I am going to have to put it in this story.)

Problem is, I’m not sure that I have a dream reader.  I am a sort of a  reluctant blogger … I blog for ‘me’.

Oh dear … I can hear many exclamations … what are you doing here then.. selfish … go keep a diary etc  … but am I the only one who feels that way?   Some one help me please.  Tell me you feel the same way too.

I write to unravel my mind … to come to understand myself, others, life, our final destination, God.  And when a little bit of light comes In through my window, I open it wider … see if I can reflect some light back to someone else who needs it – who is trying the unravel the same issues.

Is that my Dream Reader then?

I want to put this task off as I have chores to do but my mind has got into a tangle and I need to unravel it now.   WP team is really clever.  They set you thinking and get you focused with their questions … who are you, why are you here, who is your dream reader ….

Heavy stuff.  Or is it?  I am a thinker … an over thinker … an over over thinker if there is such a thing, and I often remind myself to ease up, laugh at my self –  for ‘the reason angels can fly is that they take themselves so lightly’.

I need to keep that in mind now.  Maybe it would be nice to have a picture to remind me so I Google it. First strike – many quotes on angels. Not really what I wanted but I read some of them :

The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone. ~George Elliot  

Very nice. Reminds me of the guy who was  dancing in the street. Reminds me of me.

      Philosophy will clip an angel’s wings ~John Keats .

Oh oh … I like philosophy. Maybe I should not philosophize so much (my siblings complaint :) ) But there is another quote that counteracts it.  I like this last part which in some odd way reminds me of my ramblings :

“speak their own (language) whether there be any who understand it or not ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

And then this one

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another ~ Luciano de Crescenzo.

A song popped into my head and suddenly my Dream Reader was before me:  This is who I write for … my brother standing on the road with a heavy load from the seed he’d sewed;  My sister fallen by the road with no one to point the way  . . .

I write to unravel my mind.  I blog to share my journey, compare maps with fellow travelers, lend our compasses to each other for the joys and hopes, obstacles and hazards on the road are the same for all mankind.  

There were  many versions of this hauntingly beautiful song but I selected this one because the images bring you to silence. I hope you have a few minutes to watch.

 …  (even) with only one wing, we can still fly by embracing one another ~ Luciano de Crescenzo.

Who do I say I am?


It’s self disclosure time. Again?

I thought I had done this previously, but agree with Blogging 101 it would be good to place a business card on the table.

I felt  you could get to know me through a ‘search and rescue’ operation of my posts, but that is not very considerate of your time. So as the earwig said when he fell of the wall … ‘ear wiggo’ : A list of 10 more things about me.

Before that … Yes,  I am blogging, but since I consider life as a spiritual journey, my posts are more a personal journal of moments on the road – shared with others on the journey.

I write mostly about these Encounters  – with myself, with others and with my Lord.

Signposts on the road thus far :

  1. I am the younger of twin girls. We have a younger sister and a brother. I had penned my childhood memories in appreciation to my parents, and also for my brother who being 13 years younger did not unfortunately share our happy childhood. I have not written beyond childhood memories but hope to continue this project.
  2. I enjoyed my youth, obtained a professional qualification, had an interesting career, married in my late 20’s and moved to Jamaica.
  3. We had glorious times there. Jamaica was like an unending summer and I loved my job (which as Director Special Projects included plenty of research, planning and admin) but my husband and I parted company (his choice) after 12 years and I returned to Sri Lanka.  We remained good friends till he remarried and I thought it best to keep my distance.
  4. The divorce and my father’s death shortly afterwards left me pondering on philosophical and theological questions on the meaning of love, life, love, happiness etc. The questions remained in my subconscious to be answered sometime.
  5. I was in a satisfying and well paying job as CEO but felt there was more to life than work 5 x 52 so I opted for early retirement and started management consultancy with reduced hours.

Next 5


  1. Finally I gave up that too and went into full time study for a degree in Theology – graduating in 2012.
  2. I found many answers to many questions I’d had; I learned the Word of God and studied interesting subjects including inter-alia anthropology and evolution, philosophy, and other theology related topics. I did my thesis on what constitutes consent to marriage in Canon Law and would like to convert that to a readable lay format one day soon.
  3. This past year, I returned to the ‘commercial world’ to help out with a travel agency … but an encounter with mortality intervened and I left the commercial world. I might still write their travel blog but it would be as a hobby – when time permits.
  4. My other interests – my five gorgeous nieces and one nephew, siblings and mum, a loving church community, my road dog “Monster”,  nature and the environment, POTTERY, psychology and helping young persons grow to their full potential.  Also, of late, diet and good health habits.
  5. Now, I would like to merge my head knowledge with my heart yearnings ….which is writing and sharing, synthesising what I have learned into easy reading for those who have not had the time to research and study as I have had.

And there you have it.

I hope this gives a clearer picture of who is writing and responding on the blogosphere … or as Chardin called it the noo-sphere.

I’d like to end with one of my favouritequotes from a unknown source.

I strut and prance on the stage of life

Hoarding each moment of thunderous applause.

But when the stage is set, and the lights are dimmed,

and the curtain falls for the last time.

Who will clap for me then Lord?


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Opening my heart to Wisdom

Retreat with Pope John XXIII

Jesus living wisdom

Shorten the distance between my head and my heart.

Teach me how to THINK WITH MY HEART

so that all my thoughts are filled with love.

Show me that wisdom is truth tasted in all its beauty.

Walk with me as I learn from life how wisdom becomes my friend.


Mary, Wise woman, pray for me

that  I may receive the gift of wisdom

and the love which makes it possible.

Holy Spirit, your first gift is wisdom.

Breathe on me, breath of God, and immerse me in this gift.

Take away my fear and fill me with love.

Show me that courage is a heart that acts,

Which is a way of saying that WISDOM 


Opening prayer from A Retreat with John XXIII .



Why the Cross? A Postscript …


Philip Yancey in his book ‘The Jesus I never knew’ refers  to speculation by  John Howard Yoder on what might have happened if God had intervened to grant the request “take this cup from me.”

‘ As Yoder reminds us, the cross, the “cup that now seemed so terrifying was the very reason Jesus had come to earth.  Here at the cross is the man who loves his enemies, the man whose righteousness is greater than that of the Pharisees, who being rich became poor, who gives his robe to those who took his cloak, who prays for those who despite-fully use him.  The cross is not a detour or a hurdle on the way to the kingdom.  Nor is it even the way to the kingdom; it is the kingdom come.

Awesome words !!!!

Can we ever  say enough on the wonder of the Cross?  We can only grasp slivers of the truth as we meditate on 1  Corinthians 1.17 cf) .

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"The Son of Man came ... to give his life as a ransom for many."  Mark 10:45.

“The Son of Man came … to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

With all thy getting, get an understanding 

Proverbs 4:7

I used to have a problem with the statement: Jesus died to save us from our sins.  If you believe unequivocally you are truly blessed. I had many questions on a statement that believers take for granted.

I am a Doubting Thomas by nature!  I could not accept a+ b = c in Algebra without questioning why a or b etc … so it is no surprise I had difficulty accepting this simple statement of faith.

Sure, I accepted it as a child.  But when the age of reason hit me, what was black and white became grey, cloudy, and very foggy. I realized I could not give a proper explanation if a non-Christian asked me how Christ’s death on the cross saved us from our sins. I then found myself fumbling to explain what I did not understand.

Continue reading

My Aunt Lorraine

Aunty Lorraine

Glamorous, beautifully dressed and always full of life, zest. A gorgeous purple-hued tint in her hair. Pint sized beauty. Always chuckling, laughing. Teasing. Or giving advice. Sometimes unsought which got her into trouble.

Grandmother’s favourite.  Her youngest child who went to England and whose enlarged photo hung in a prominent place in the Dining Room.  There were pictures of everyone there but somehow Aunty Lorraine’s picture was a little larger. Continue reading

Memories are made of this ….

The Rasquinhos

  1.  TooRa Lama Lama  and other stories under the Big Tent

Dad, I remember so clearly you singing to us (my twin  and me)  … when we were very little in a soft voice with your fingers striking imaginary keys  “Toora Lama Lama ….Toora La ma Lama  … can you hear the rain?  ……..Toora … lama.. lama …Toora lama … lama …. Can you hear the rain?

I cannot remember the rest of it or even if there was anything other than “Toora lama lama”   ( I realise now it was probably an adaptation  from the Irish lullaby Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Raloo that sounded different to us) but  it was always gentle and soothing.  Although we did not understand our feelings then, I remember we felt comforted and secure.  It brought a sense of  peace and of “being” –  one with nature and the universe – just to hear that verse being repeated so gently and softly whilst we fell asleep.

I also remember how much we loved “How much is that daaaaaawgie in the WIN…DOW”; you made us feel so compassionate for the little dog.

And will not easily forget the stories under the “Big Tent”,     Continue reading

One year old.. !!

I got a congratulatory message today from Word Press … I am one year old. Nice.  Very nice.

Of course I did not post like I wanted to .. but at least I started.  And I have spent the last week or two since an enforced ‘break’ from work,  reading up on how to improve appearance of this blog.  errrghs!!  I was so un-savvy I had the original theme picture on up to yesterday!!   Thank goodness I changed it before my anniversary. Continue reading

Should I pray, petition, plead!?

Should I pray, petition, plead ?

The question has been on my mind these past few days.  A  loved one in pain has been asked to do a full bone scan to check for recurrence of the dreaded C cell.  Yes, Cancer.

It was discovered early and she was operated 18 months ago.  Everything  seemed fine but this pain and the doctor’s request has me worried.  Should I just trust that God the Healer and Loving Father will surely take care of his child?  Or should I pray, petition, plead?

The answer depends on who I conceive God to be.   “Who do you say I AM?”  A benefactor who answers our petitions? Continue reading

Sorry … no ‘Rewind’ button.

I looked at the doctor listing my options once the angiogram is done. I had already heard it from the Cardiologist and had been thinking about it in the quiet of the ICU.

“Is it too late to start walking?” I asked when she finished.  Her only response was a half-amused smile. I felt foolish for asking. Perhaps she thought I wanted to start immediately, despite all the machines surrounding me.  She relented.  “Maybe in a few months. You have to recover first.” .

Oh! I knew that by now   but my deeper question was … is too late to start walking .. EVER?! Continue reading