One year old.. !!

I got a congratulatory message today from Word Press … I am one year old. Nice.  Very nice.

Of course I did not post like I wanted to .. but at least I started.  And I have spent the last week or two since an enforced ‘break’ from work,  reading up on how to improve appearance of this blog.  errrghs!!  I was so un-savvy I had the original theme picture on up to yesterday!!   Thank goodness I changed it before my anniversary.I have however still not mastered how to insert pics, media or even emoticons even though the Word Press team has some excellent write ups and support posts.  They have also now put out some e-books to help bloggers like me .  Thank you Word Press team for the many encouraging posts and advice.

Meanwhile, since it is my first anniversary …   ( it WAS … many days ago!!!  I am pulling this out from my Drafts…) I  thought I will post some of my previous writings – memoirs on my childhood and random scribblings.   Problem is I still do not know how to put it on a separate page … but at risk of it being very ‘un-user’ friendly,  I will take them out of my draft box and PUBLISH …  like the WP team keeps encouraging us to do.

These memories of early childhood are dedicated  to my Dad who used to sing RAMBLING ROSE to me … and also to my oft misunderstood Mum who, at 86, continues to give her life for her children.


I love conversations, care to comment ?

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