Love is our Salvation

One month more for Christmas – the day that Love came down.

Fleeting thoughts … a thread floating in my mind waiting to be drawn, pulled together, stitched …

I’m Ok you’re Ok …  is not OK.  It forces you, said Anthony Mello, to be OK before others accept you as OK;.  Better rather , he suggested,  “I’m an Ass …you’re  an Ass!”

Beethoven suffered because people appreciated his music but not his person – incredibly sad.

Success tells me that my work is fine while LOVE tells me that I am fine,  

Love me for a reason and let the reason be love …

Wonderful creative redemptive love that came to save me from myself

Grace freely given … without measure, without judgement, without demands

For God so loved the world that he gave his Beloved Son that whoever believed in Him might be saved. (John 3.16)

Saved from this world of conditional love

To the world of PERFECT LOVE

For only when we receive His love, can we be truly ONE with Him.

In LOVE are we saved … perfected.


It is our SALVATION.

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8 thoughts on “Love is our Salvation

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    • Hi Janet – visited the links you gave and saw you had spoken of quiet time – just the very thing that I had reflected on as I woke up. Was not sure if I wanted to share my personal discussion with the Lord …but just decided to and posted it.
      It is a great idea to do a daily reflection during Advent. I was trying to figure out what you meant by ‘sign up’ for it as I already follow your blog and then realised it is a separate address. OF will go there now and sign up. Looking forward to your reflections.


    • 👀 I had missed your comment … Got a like on this old post and came to see what I had written … belated thank you. Hope all’s well and you are still writing. Will pass by and check. TC.


    • Yeah .. have been a bit busy and off the blogging radar for a while. Trying to find time even late at night to catch up on my reader too.. Was expecting to but did not see your name on the Photography 101. I signed up to learn a few tips but could not really follow. See you are travelling 🙂 (always remember you when I put the smiley!)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am glad you could find some time in between like this 🙂 Well I am there on photography 101, but not as active as in blogging 101. But I do post occasionally. And about the smileys!! I almost forgot, but I guess I told you how to use the emojis!! 😀 Anyway good to talk to you again 🙂


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