When life gets in the way …

Dawn breaks gently on another Advent morn.

A barrage of thoughts crash their way into my mind – forcing me awake earlier than I wish; forcing me to get off the bed and start the day.

But I linger a while longer, reflecting.  So many things to do today Lord, where do I start?   The list is endless.  I am not going to be able to handle all of these unless you send me some help  – or take over the tasks  – or me;  one of the two – or nothing will get done and I am getting stressed at the thought of the never ending list that is looming large in front of me.

I can’t seem to handle these daily issues any more.  Every thing is like a mountain to climb.  I know they are little hillocks  –   not even that … but even a grassy mound seems a big obstacle when you want nothing more than to lie down in stillness, in quiet, and just BE  … a human BE-ING  instead of a human DO-ING!

But I can’t seem to be still because there are so many things that are both urgent and important.   You know they are not frivolous things Lord and they have to get done. In fact I have neglected them too much. I have not been a good steward of what you have given me and I am trying to rectify that without further delay.  Your Word last Sunday – no the previous Sunday – was sharper than the two edged sword which cuts  to the marrow.  I felt convicted.  How can I be trusted with the Kingdom if I don’t take care of the things you  have given me here on earth? if I am not faithful in little things and fail to multiply the talents given me? (Matthew 25.14-30)

So I am trying to correct this with a long list of TO DO’s.  This list would not have piled up on me so LARGE if I had remembered a stitch in time saves nine. Procrastination is such a thief of time, and money, and relationships. So many things I want to do Lord … so many elderly people I want to visit before it is too late.

So many good intentions but with all these things on my plate … I can’t do them!   And I cannot ‘still’ myself to focus on Advent which starts today.

Don’t you think that sometimes Lord, life gets in the way of LIFE ?!  

4 thoughts on “When life gets in the way …

  1. I myself believe in the importance of ‘being’ over ‘doing’. Things do get overwhelming at times and we need to take a deep breath and… just be, instead of tackling The List.


  2. You’re not alone in overwhelm. I do truly understand. I keep cleaning off my desk, cleaning out my inbox, and the next day it’s piled up again. I have, however, gratefully crossed two big to-dos off my list. But there’s more there’s more there’s always more. Don’t beat up on yourself for starters. Just do one thing. I don’t know if there’s any way we can do them all — all at the same time. With or without the Lord’s help. The biggest help for me is breathing. That means I’m still alive and I’ll take care of what I can take care of.


    • Thanks .. I needed that !
      Got through quite a bit yesterday and plan on completing more today. Asking myself what would I choose if this was my last day on earth helps me get priorities right .. which includes being thankful that I am breathing and still alive 🙂
      I will take care of what I can take care of .. very ‘calming’ line !!! 🙂


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