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Shifting Street Scene

A street scene is never the same with vehicles, people and all types of traffic constantly moving through.

I captured these one morning  – of ‘walkers’ focusing on their health; trishaws ‘tuk-tuk-ing’ on way to a hire, cars whizzing past tooting exercise addicts off the road, bicycles;  bread-vans by which you can set your clock … all changing scenes of our busy street.   Made for an interesting half hour inspired by challenge of Mundane Monday.

However I could not wait for the buffaloes  (Yes … they traverse our road too  each morning on their way to the remaining piece of wetland, and return when the sun sets.

I could not also keep vigil for the 8 ft crocodile that resides in the lake (visible in the background). Mr. Croc tends to float downstream around 2.00 pm.  You  know when he is around because everyone stops to look at him. I too stop almost every time … always marvelling at how he glides through so silently and stealthily with  body partly submerged. Absolutely no ripples to warn of his presence!!

And in case you are wondering, the lake has been fenced off.  Long tale of our fundamental rights action to have fence removed when the lake and wetland was leased to a private company and environment degraded. We won the case but the government deviously moved war veterans into the ‘island’ that had been created – knowing that was one ‘fight’ we would drop: you can’t argue for the environment against those who have risked their lives for the country.

So we live with the fence .. 😦


5 comments on “Shifting Street Scene

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  2. trablogger
    May 24, 2015

    Was this part of a secret photo op?! 😀
    Well I thought I knew where you are from. But I don’t. So where are you from? Many of the elements in the picture reminds me of India.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rambling Rose
      May 24, 2015

      Yeah … a secret photo op hiding behind plants on the balcony to turn a Mundane Monday into Bond movie LOL …
      Aaah … you don’t know where I am from but you thought you knew ??!! That little pearl in the Ocean just south-East of Mighty India. Attidiya, Colombo on the GPS map to be precise 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • trablogger
        May 24, 2015

        haha.. that was a cool op. But you gave out your location through your pics 😉
        The flowers are very common in my place and it blooms around march-april.
        And the tuk tuk. I didn’t know that you were very near from my home town 😀


        • Rambling Rose
          May 24, 2015

          Oh the tuk tuk. The bane of other drivers but darling of the masses. What would life be like without them … a toast to the inventor of the tuk tuk 🙂


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