The heart of my writing …

Following a link today I was blessed with this awesome post To Thine Own Self which has nuggets of wisdom- one of which really touched me

There is no greater beauty than that of the Pen of God

being breathed out the mouth of one onto the pages of another heart.

Would that I wrote like that to bring beauty into the world and the hearts of men!!  Would that the Heart of my Writing touched other hearts ….

These beautiful drawings by kids under a Heart of my writing project which I also stumbled on today made me realise that I too need to do a similar ‘heart of my writing’  exercise  this week as I refocus on my somewhat neglected site.

9 thoughts on “The heart of my writing …

    • Hi .. stumbled on my old post my mistake 🙂 and realised I had not thanked you for your kind words . Thank you albeit late.
      And I have visited your site … find it brimful and overflowing with enthusiasm and have happily hit the follow button – albeit late for which I truly apologise.
      TC and see you around.

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  1. A beautiful quote indeed. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love the little heart artwork as well. I framed most of my girls artwork from Kindergarten, now they don’t even want to believe they actually drew them. Thank you for visiting my blog.


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Will check it out thanks for the encounter…I am always happy to meet kindred spirits…”may our lights ignite each other.”

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  3. I really love it, “There is no greater beauty than that of the Pen of God, being breathed out the mouth of one onto the pages of another heart.” this is so beautiful, now you have captured one heart…I hope you go for the project and good luck


    • I loved the line too. Jacobemet (link in post) has many insights and wise sayings.
      I passed by your site. I love ‘bohemian’ … my family says I am like the odd fish who swims upstream … so a kindred spirit 🙂


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