Minimal on my mind …

With Photrabloggers Minimal Touch challenge on my mind, I just had to click on this sign in a little car eco-testing bay in which you could not drive at 5 kmph (3 mph) if you tried!   So this is my tongue in cheek entry for the “most minimal”  you can go … or is it least minimal  🙂 ?

Speed Limit 20150721_125142 (3)

Minimal Speed

And this is my attempt at a minimal touch photography !

2015-07-07 002 (2)

Minimal Action !

I wonder … does it qualify ?  🙂

Actually it does not matter – for Jithin (Photrablogger) encourages you to take the most mundane pictures and look at it through rose coloured spectacles  … to see beauty in the day to day things around you.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in this challenge to ‘awareness of the things around us’ so please feel free to send in your efforts at finding beauty in the most mundane.


8 thoughts on “Minimal on my mind …

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  2. Minimal speed! Smart take on the topic 😀
    Well I am not if the second one qualifies to be a minimal that I was imagining, but that picture is definitely minimal in terms of colour. And you have captured a frame within a frame. Lovely positioning of the tree and the bird.

    And, no I didn’t get the pingback. But is not a problem anyways.


  3. Googling it I found that 5 kph = 3.10 mph = average walking speed!!
    Maybe being an eco -emission test place they are suggesting we park our cars and walk 🙂 … and maybe someone is hoping to promote running shoes in your neighbourhood. 🙂 Dare we hope the world is slowing down ?


  4. Funny, a new speed limit sign went up in our neighborhood of 10 mph (don’t ask me to convert to metric 🙂 raising many an eyebrow as we had not seen one that “minimal” before! Even minimals (tongue-in-cheek or no), have their firsts! Enjoyed the contemplative crow pic as well!

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