To use or not to use …

Photrablogger’s challenge really has me trying to find beauty in the most mundane – like this jar of plastic lids on my sister’s kitchen sink. She separates the HDPE covers from PET bottles and milk cartons that are to be recycled as part of her efforts to minimise her footprint.

For love of Mother Earth

Apart from the eye catching colours, I think the jar is beautiful because it helps in some small way to prevent this.

Polymer Diet

Submitted in response to MM Challenge Colors and Angles  … and containers 🙂

Cartoon credit :

15 thoughts on “To use or not to use …

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  2. Oh, dear. I didn’t know there was a difference. Your sister is more of a recycle fiend than I. But along with everything else, I didn’t even know there was a difference in the recycled content! I’d say you have a winner in the beauty in the mundane. It’s really quite intriguing.


    • I wondered why she separated them and found there are seven kinds of plastic. Bottle/container covers of HDPE are hardest to recycle. PET of which the bottle is made easiest.

      Mundane Monday challenge does increase awareness. I joined cause the bar was not too high for my mundane pictures but find myself looking around with fresh eyes 🙂
      You can give it a go too …


  3. mmmm…..Ok I get it. This day I will change and worry about every minute I keep my engine on and every beet of recycling material. I WILL change …..become better than I was ….better than I am…..better than I “will” be. Thanks for the jolt. Need that.


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