Changing Guards and Pelicans on street lights …

Changing Guards

These brilliant red Ceiling Wax palm trunks looking like sentinels with rifles at ready, reminded me of the childhood chorus :

The changing guards of Buckingham Palace

Christopher Robin went down with Alice

Alice is marrying one of the guards

“A soldier’s life is terribly hard,” says Alice !

Obviously one of the songs of the British colonies huh 🙂   Wondering now whether Alice deserted Mr. Robin for a guard, Wiki advised that Christopher Robin was a children’s character named by A. A. Milne (of Winnie the Pooh Fame) after his own son.  Interesting !

And interesting how these red barks took me back through the years to the song.  Posting in response to Photrabloggers picture on palm fronds (last week 😦  )

For this weeks challenge – these pelicans perched atop the street lights were too beautiful to pass by – so I had to click even though I was driving  (yeah dangerous). It was a beautiful sight though the pictures are not that great. (I did say I was driving right 🙂 )

1 Street light Colombo RF

4 Street light152525 RF

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