Port City Development – or Destruction !!

These are some shots I took of the Port City Development – attempts to ‘land fill’ the ocean!

There is a huge controversy behind this project which was done by the Rajapakse regime without any Impact Assessment. Who needs EIA’s when money beckons?

Even though I do not find beauty in these pictures  – destruction cannot be beautiful – I would like to be able to capture them meaningfully so am submitting for Mundane Monday Challenge after seeing Jithins work of art on cranes.  Jithin am hoping you will comment on how I can improve these as pictures please. ie … composition frame etc the way you have done so beautifully with your cranes.  Muchas gracias 🙂

PS  For those who may be interested, also adding the ‘vicinity’ of the Port which is in the heart of Colombo.

MMC 027

Galle Road at the end of Galle Face promenade

MMC 035

Filling of the ocean ….

MM 022

The end of the famous Galle Face green.


9 thoughts on “Port City Development – or Destruction !!

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  2. You have done a great job here. beauty which has been marred somewhat by destruction is aptly captured.
    You succeeded in bring out the environmental concerns through these pictures.
    Kudos for the effort !


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  4. They say the best zoom lens is your legs. You just walk upto your subject and remove all other distractions in the image and tell the viewer “look, this is my subject”. I can see its been cropped.
    Tell me how do you like this picture


    • You are sooooo funny 🙂 and right !!!.
      Ok will try using my legs to go in much closer instead of sitting in my car LOL.
      But how would I get the expanse of the original green and the destruction in the distance marring the skyline which I wanted to pick up? Do any of the pictures show this?
      OK it was a hazy day … will try legs and sun and see how it goes.
      Muchas gracias senor
      BTW none were cropped I presented ‘as is’ to get your opinion on composition 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well that is a good question. If you want to show the contrasts, you need a wider vision. You just have to be careful about what all things you are including in your frame. Cut the unwanted stuff and include the things you want.
        De nada 😀
        Well then you must be using the Digital zoom for the maximum zoom 😀


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