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Bury me in ….

Seems like a strange topic to write on … but a post by Annarashbrook on the death of her friend Paggy set me thinking.

Anna’s question on the fate of our possessions, reminded me of one of my pet peeves … how I wish to be buried !! 🙂

But let me deal with Anna’s question first.  I have a twin plus two siblings who have six children between them.  Since my twin and I have no direct heirs, we leave everything in trust for ‘the six’ to share as they think fit. ‘Everything’ for me consists of a property and some ‘investments’ to live on since I retired.  Not a fortune but sufficient for the day …

I have no idea how my other day to day possessions will be disposed of.  I do not have much in any case except books, books and more books – theology mainly.  Maybe they might give them to a library or keep them as keepsakes of their aunt, who they teased would be a ‘popess’ 🙂  … MAYBE !!!

Now to my idiosyncrasy – my anathema of local tradition to bury females in a long dress with socks on!  I do not wear long dress and can’t stand to think of being so dressed with white socks.  Uggghs!  But I am yet to see a female corpse in – denims or pants. (It did make me wonder how they dress women in other countries?)

So I have said I would like to be dressed in a sarong: viz. a couple of yards of cloth wrapped round me somewhat like this:  the first an olde world style, and the next a trendier version.

My siblings say it is “not allowed/ nice/ practical/ polite/ ’done’ ” for a corpse to have her shoulders and legs bare … and toes sticking out …  so I have said, in that case, wrap the sarong like a shroud. That should take care of both shoulders and toes 🙂   I could not find a picture to show this except this ‘sculpture’ – which my sister says won’t work either as I will have to die in a seating position!  I suspect she is laughing, but you get the idea …

Option to sarong

Then put me in the cheapest box you can find with no frills or fancy work – just straight chip board box …. and lay me down in the family grave.

That is how I would like to be buried.

Oh …  I took for granted the Catholic rites but with more ‘upbeat’ hymns.  I’ve been thinking that it would  be nice to have a marching band with cymbals clanging and trumpets blowing.  Or at least a whole lot of voices singing lustily and heartily something like Glory Glory Hallelujah – for my life’s hope is that I will be in the presence of my Creator, My Lord  … Transcendent Almighty Triune God.

And I will be finally and totally ONE  – “May all be one.  As you, Father are in me and I in you”  John 17:21

And that I believe is a moment for the greatest celebration of all.

Picture credits : 1worldsarongs.com;   www.3dartistonline.com/


4 comments on “Bury me in ….

  1. Geno Forte
    September 16, 2015

    Are you by any chance Toseaka Ruth from Christian Mingle?
    Please email me.
    Thank you,
    GenoForte on CM
    Geno Forte on FB


    • Rambling Rose
      September 17, 2015

      Sorry … am not Toseaka Ruth. Hope you find her if you are looking for her.
      I am Rosanne Rasquinho/Fernando from Sri Lanka.


  2. Janet Sunderland
    September 14, 2015

    Nice! I’ve lived in a sarong much of my life….the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and here in Kansas City when weather permits. I vote for sarong.
    However, for burial, I really like the organic pods that can go in the ground with a tree to plant on top.
    I’ve also thought that I’ll get one huge tombstone with all the family names and plant it on the farm. We’re such a wide flung family now from east coast to Hawaii and north to south that one big tombstone would at least link us for historical research! 🙂


    • Rambling Rose
      September 14, 2015

      Oh …another sarong lover … Happy to have your vote 🙂
      Have not heard of the organic pods: they sound a wonderful option.
      Would not mind donating my body for medical research but its not as popular/needed.
      The tombstone with ALL names sounds like a great idea – and linked by blood and love even if not in physical form.
      Lovely to read your thoughts .. thanks for sharing them


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