Kindness to four footed ‘fellow travellers’

Sights like this – two guys having their breakfast under the shade of a tree and sharing it with our four footed fellow travellers, really brings a smile to your heart and beauty into a Mundane Monday.

It is giving that we receive ...

It is giving that we receive …

I know the photo is not great – yes, taken from behind the wheel 🙂 but the scene was so beautiful I felt I would share it for the Mundane Monday Challenge  to find beauty in the things around us.


14 thoughts on “Kindness to four footed ‘fellow travellers’

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    • Hi … Actually am not sure if they were ponies or horses so I resorted to your terminology ‘four footed fellow travellers’. Wanted to give a PS on this but something happened to the post when I tried to add this in after publishing … it just ‘unpublished’ !! so I got a bit jittery and just re-publised the draft.
      But credit for the ‘four footed fellow travellers’ goes to you from your comment on Je’taime Monster 🙂

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