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Life with a Twin

Celebrating our special day, it is nice to reflect on the good, the bad and the fun part of living with a twin.

Finally I ‘get it’.

“Keep your things to yourself”.   A firm ‘in control’ voice interrupts my reading on the sofa.

I look up.  Drama Queen is holding my wavy metal Alice Band outstretched in her hand and drops it on the sofa next to me.

“Where was it?”  (me, nonchalantly)

“On the ground next to the bed!”  (You know the way that’s said right?  !!)

“Aaah … must have fallen off when I slept”.   (still trying to be non-chalant)

No response.  She has gone back to her room.  I turn back to my book.  Then stop.  Did it fall off or did I take it off? Cannot really remember but either way, I am supposed to “keep my things to myself.”

I look up to think about that one and see things scattered all over the ground in the lobby in front of me.  Computer cases, cables, magazines, newspapers, dustbins.  A pink dustbin brush grins at me.  I am sure if I go to the bedroom the hair band will be the smallest thing on the floor. I look at the pink dustbin brush again grinning that he/she has all the right to sit on the middle of the floor with all the other things.    My hair band can’t.  I grin back 🙂

Suddenly I burst out laughing.  I just got it!!

All my stuff is supposed to sit neatly or otherwise, packed into one place.  All the other space around the house that I walk around in … that I move and ‘be’ in is only for that.  To walk around etc.  The house does not belong to me and I can’t mess it up like I would do in my house 😦


It will save me stress and it will save her stress.

So until I complete my repairs and move back home, all I’ve got to do is just remember to be more methodical.  And pigs will fly but at least let’s try !!

So Let’s rap to the future… 

Alice Band

The errant Alice Band !

I found your hair-band on my bedroom floor

Evidence that you’ve been here before

And soon I won’t get waves of missing you anymore

You are like a Tsunami tide at my door!!!

(Ed Sheeran modified!)

Now for the other side of the coin  🙂


My sister is the sweetest thing

You ever did see

She rants and raves and scolds and yells

But a tender heart has she.

She noticed that I was having

A problem with my pills

Keeping them in one place being

An added stress to my ills

So when she saw a pillbox neat

She put it in her cart

‘At least this may help my sis’ she thought

‘Take care of her weak heart!!!’


Happy twin


7 comments on “Life with a Twin

  1. trablogger
    October 13, 2015

    Now that is a new information!
    I am sure it must be a special feeling to have someone exactly the same but yet with many differences!


    • Rambling Rose
      October 13, 2015

      Yep .. it is great 🙂 . I don’t know what it would feel like NOT to have a twin. She’s so much a part of who I am.


  2. Janet Sunderland
    October 7, 2015

    I thought twins were supposed to be, unlike plain old sisters, like supportive!!


    • Rambling Rose
      October 7, 2015

      Ha… she is travelling and doubt she has seen it yet 🙂 but this is written through the eyes of love .
      She truly is very supportive – and protective = for the six minutes head start she has on me. It is only in the ‘being organised and methodical part’ that she rants as this is not innate in us and is a constant struggle which I have given up on. She succeeds well “when I am not around” LOL.


  3. laughtermedicineforthesoul
    October 6, 2015

    How amazing, I just wrote about my sister as well. Life is quite not the same without her. I also have a friend I feel the same way about her. We can go Months without talking to each other, but whenever we meet, we will laugh our heart out.
    Thank you for your comment and your continued support on my blog. I love your posts.


    • Rambling Rose
      October 7, 2015

      Yeah amazing isn’t it.
      I love reading your posts too which are so full of humour. I was actually inspired by your post on Unbelievable Girl to write about both the ups and the downs which are all part of family life 🙂 Its great when we can laugh at ourselves 🙂


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