Creative Disposal!

I was intrigued by Jithin’s  picture of items dumped in crevices in the wall and kept my eyes open for any such handy storage units in my area.

I got lucky.  This wall had a bottle dumped in almost every ‘weep hole’ ie.  holes to allow rain water to escape.  I could not get a shot of the whole wall, nor is it as colourful as Jithin’s  but these tell the story of handy disposal πŸ™‚

Can I draw a conclusion that this ‘creativity’ (or laziness ?) is unique to the Indian sub continent?

11 thoughts on “Creative Disposal!

  1. Some things happen only in India πŸ˜‰
    And the all Jithin clicked was not full of dump but were actually used to keep belongings..
    So it was not laziness πŸ˜€
    And I really liked your click and the concept behind the week holes.
    Tell me more about it.. How are they exactly used to drain water?
    Are these holes made near the ground to allow seepage?

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    • Hi yeah I realised Jithins picture was planned storage πŸ™‚
      Weep holes are usually on the lower part of garden walls and the foundations of boundary walls. Purpose is to allow rain water to drain through – without building up in the soil and putting pressure on the wall.
      The wall in these pics was on a sloping terrain. The hill had been carved out to make the road from where the pics were taken but the earth was probably above these weep holes in the inside of the property. Water could seep thus seep through these holes in event of heavy rains providing drainage and easing pressure on the wall.

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  2. I was thinking as I was going through the gallery of your great pics, that possibly the motivation in large part derives from an urge not to “litter.” We think of littering as dropping or tossing something onto the ground. An effort to avoid to guilt.


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