Spiritual Freedom

Freedom birds from cage

Freedom from what binds us

Spiritual freedom is an interior freedom, a freedom of the mind and heart.  People who are spiritually free know who they are – with all of their gifts and limitations – and are comfortable with who they are.  ** 

When we let go of unhealthy attachments, fears, and other blockades, we gain the freedom to be our best selves, our most whole selves.

** See Day 3 of following link for full quote on Spiritual Freedom 

Picture Credit :  found on various sites on internet.  Have not been able to obtain original source.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Freedom

  1. Amazing, isn’t it? The war between the law of religion and the personal walk with our Creator through the Lord Jesus Christ. I just lost a brother, whom, due to his belief in the Jehovah’s witness religion, would not speak to me for twenty-eight years. Even worse, my younger sister who is also a Jehovah’s witness couldn’t even speak to me. In fact, she didn’t even include the non-Jehovah’s witness siblings pictures in the slide show at the viewing. I felt her defiant rejection tasted more bitter at that point. But I did find comfort in knowing that God is always present, and His love surpassed all hate and rejection. It took me a few days to heal from this traumatic event, but I know, this too shall past.
    Thank you for your visit on my site. Truly enjoyed your post.


    • I too find it extremely sad that religion divides those both outside and inside the same faith. So many types of ‘Christians’ – as also there are ‘types’ of Buddhists, Muslims etc. But for me saddest is when the Body of Christ is splintered, divorced from each other, ruptured although still ostensibly following the Head (trying to bring out a metaphorical description of a dismembered body.)
      Only consolation is that Christ himself anticipated the division He would bring … until the day that the lion will lie down with the Lamb. Oh what a day that will be !!!
      Much blessings and thank you for sharing … I pray your pain will be made easier this Holy Week when we reflect on how our Lord himself was betrayed . Hugs

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