Nature’s parachutes

hbhatnagar‘s picture of a seed pod last week, reminding me of a similar capture of mine -the same week ! – of a pod of a Stephanotis plant on my balcony.

Nature's parachutes gallery 20160320_101539

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Naure's Parachutes 1 20160320_101431

The parachute-like seeds are natures strategy for dispersal.  They float in the wind, land on soft ground and take root.   Man-made parachutes and most of man’s inventions – even the air-plane, have  all their design inspiration from nature.

Hope you enjoy these pictures.  I could not get the angles I wanted because the seeds kept spilling out each time I moved the plant for a better view.

Nature's parachutes cropped 20160320_101511

Close up – Stephanotis pod and Nature’s parachute.

Posting in response to Jithin’s Mundane Monday challenge to find beauty in the mundane .. and make the mundane beautiful.

Posted for Mudane Monday Challenge hosted by Jithin.

11 thoughts on “Nature’s parachutes

  1. Rose, There didn’t seem to be a way to respond to your comment on my post, so I’m responding here. BTW, nature, like photography angles we can’t quite get right, are seldom perfect. I think the feathery seed pods with dancing ladies are perfect!
    I do trust “The Plan” is leading, and I still get impatient not being able to see the destination on the back of the crossroad sign, written as it is, always is, in ink destined to remain invisible for an unknown span of time. This time, it was the not-good-enough demon who took over.
    You’d think that with the many crossroads I’ve had in my life, I’d have gotten used to it. At least I’ve learned not to stomp and fight with God. I wait. Somewhat downcast, but I wait. The most remarkable moment came, in this season of the eclipse (we were up in Marshall County on the farm and so saw the total) was that while my sense of humor is useful, I also use it to hide and entertain rather than dig deeper. And in the process, I’ve changed the title to better reflect the focus.
    In addition, I’ve had to clean out files and dig through old documents as we rebuilt church services (after a two year hiatus) and update the website. In that process, waaaaayyyy lot of work, I discovered I had years of Advent and Lent reflections on the church blog, enough to do two small devotional books.
    I’d enjoy being in a more user friendly communication mode with you. If you’d like that, my email is


    • Smile smile … long newsy note and a thought parallel to mine when commenting on your post yesterday that the wp format was too restrictive.
      Funny, when reminiscing about the quote I posted (When the curtain falls) I realised that I retired early ith grand schemes of doing ‘something’ meaningful but found that 12 odd years letter I am still waiting for clear directions on what that something is. . You are so right. The signposts are written in invisible ink 🙂 Many’s the time I’ve said Lord you will have to bash me on the head to get my attention and understanding of what I am to do … but no bash, no wind, no storm, not even blank signposts for the route to take .. just a few benches to while the time, some beautiful vistas and moments and some flowers to pick whilst waiting for the road to open up !!! Familiar?

      Happy you discovered your reflections. A clue to pursue that ….?

      Will be in touch by mail soon. Today is my Dad’s Birthday – he would have been 95 and I wanted to write a tribute … but it’s a bit late after the family dinner so will do it tomorrow. My blog name ‘Ramblin Rose’is in cherished memory of the lullaby he used to sing to me .
      TC and ‘thanks’ for your friendship


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