Beating the heat !

Your door-step you said ?  Forget it.  We are not moving ....”

Buffaloes come a visiting.jpg

Water buffaloes enjoying the shade

“Ok .. no protests from me. You really are a beautiful specimen.  And the heat is almost unbearable so you stay … I’ll just park next door 🙂     Let me first get a picture of you though for the Mundane Monday community.   Done.   Now I’ll just wait here till you are ready to move .”   Image result for emoticons

Colombo has been experiencing a heat wave.  The animals are the hardest hit … as are those in drought stricken lands of Asia where humans too are succumbing to the heat.

One of the big questions in the climate change debate: Are humans any smarter than frogs in a pot? If you put a frog in a pot and slowly turn up the heat, it won’t jump out. Instead, it will enjoy the nice warm bath until it is cooked to death. We humans seem to be doing pretty much the same thing  – Jeff Goodell

Grumbling at the heat … but doing nothing to minimise our carbon footprint?  Guilty as charged.

12 thoughts on “Beating the heat !

    • 🙂 Thank you for taking time to visit and comment. I have been busy and MMC is about the only time I seem to be posting these days. I don’t recollect seeing anything from you recently??
      Also .. I can’t seem to click ‘follow’ for your site and meant to visit and tell you this. Have you disabled this feature ??

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      • Hargun Wahi.
        I went in to your site a while ago to recheck the follow thing. It looks like the follow I have kept clicking a hundred times is showing on your site but is not showing in my site as a follow ?? And I don’t get your posts into my reader. And oh my .. have you been busy ….!!! Lots of beautiful photographs. Shall log in over the weekend – breathing space with holidays for the Sinhala and Tamil New year


      • Busy is what I’m too….so TML is the only series I’m hosting these days. You can check out the pictures therein. And as regards the follow button, I guess there must be some glitch in the app. You can try visiting again or perhaps from a browser, because I certainly did not disable this option.
        Have a great day!


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  2. Buffaloes to Global warming. This isnt mundane. This is serious!!
    Btw the car numbers are interesting there! No alphabets and only numbers.
    And yes, we should reduce our carbon footprint. (Does that mean I should reduce blogging and hosting this challenge too?!) 😉


    • Yep … started out with beauty of some ‘mundane’ buffaloes by my door .. but the heat that brought them there is dead serious. I feel there is much more we can do.
      I do feel guilty that my use of Wifi and internet could be contributing to the generation of energy waves or whatever it is that these messages use, but it seems to be a way of modern life so I try to compensate in other ways … like drawing attention to the problem through my post? 🙂 one reason you don’t have to stop hosting this ha ha .
      Car numbers … we had alpha numeral before but moved to numbers only and then to alpha numeral again. My car which you see there is ‘middle aged’ LOL :

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