Soul searching

I came across this statement recently in a post by Adrianplass that has me wondering :

“The world is filled with desperate people.  They need Christ, not Christianity.”

Some soul searching going on here.   Am sure I have been one of those who has contributed to separate Christ from Christianity !!

Thank God for the reminder  which I hope will stick with me.   And  thank God for people like Pope Francis who helps us to refocus/re-align with the merciful Christ.

The world needs Jesus, not systems. A real person among real people doing real things. Informal, sometimes bewildering, often captivating and exciting, not very religious, frequently alienating.

2 thoughts on “Soul searching

  1. I think the Christ lives within. Without a name or creed. I was very taken, in seminary, with a small book called The Pilgrim’s Way. In it, he walks with a mantra, Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me. This became a mantra for me walking, driving, living, and allowed the Christ in me to have a place. I no longer need the mantra, but I do need the quiet place of peace.


    • I like your words … and did some referral on the Pilgrim’s Way which surprisingly I had not heard about. I had followed the John Maine method of meditation and given it up because I found it so ‘addictive’ I was not sure I was doing it the right way. Uncannily only last week I met two persons from two diff continents who practice it and assured me I was doing it ok except should use a timer perhaps when I went into the quiet place as i would stay there for around 40 mins or so.
      Came across another great write today so similar to what you have said an will be sharing it.
      Thanks so much for your comments. Peace !!


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