Back in the MMC Challenge after quite a break and notice that Jithin has officially added a new twist.  Oh  larks … it is now confirmed that it is no longer only about :

mundane pictures of beautiful objects  but also 

beautiful pictures of mundane objects. 

The first was easy for me as my subject was  interesting enough  (for me at least 🙂 so photo ‘credits’  did not matter.   The second – framing things and getting it right  – now that is something else   😦  But I guess I can do with some photography lessons so here goes :

MMC Challenge FRAMED !!


A tongue in cheek FRAMED self portrait!!   I was actually trying to frame this soothing little corner in a hotel corridor but could not do it without getting in the picture myself.  And could not seem to get the full mirror in either 😦    using only a phone camera!

Any ideas on how to take such a picture without getting in the mirror  ??  short of being a ghost LOL 🙂

13 thoughts on “FRAMED !!

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  2. You are looking for great frames. That is good. Having a human subject in any frame makes it interesting. So you dont have to worry about how to get yourself out from the frame.


  3. I was thinking about how to describe my idea.. And realised I could refer you to this..

    The leading lines picture or the Perspective picture could be a better alternative..

    I would have tried by stepping back few steps and to the left from your spot..

    After all that’s said and done, this looks good and I liked to see the reflection on mirror, for capturing the mirror instead of a selfie.. 🙂 The mirror and the vase looks great and inviting to be photographed.. 🙂


  4. You could try another angle. For example take the picture sitting on the ground (don’t pay attention to raised eyebrows from passersby) or from the side. Another possibility could be zooming in on a detail while you stand aside. Just a few thoughts, hope this helps. Anyway, I like the picture just as it is.


  5. Muchas gracias for the tips 🙂 I am smiling thinking of passersby when I am sitting on the ground “where has she escaped from ?!” (and I will quote you LOL) but I think it might work and am hoping I can try it out.


  6. I think its a great pic!I love the composition, the vase plus flowers, mirror, phone and even the photographer. I don’t know much about photography but the pic is also well balanced.


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