The terrible thing about religion

“…. The fact is that you’re surrounded by God and you don’t see God, because you “know” about God. The final barrier to the vision of God is your God concept.   You miss God because you think you know. That’s the terrible thing about religion.

That’s what the gospels were saying, that religious people “knew,” so they got rid of Jesus.

The highest knowledge of God is to know God as unknowable. There is far too much God talk; the world is sick of it. There is too little awareness, too little love, too little happiness, but let’s not use those words either. There’s too little dropping of illusions, dropping of errors, dropping of attachments and cruelty, too little awareness. That’s what the world is suffering from, not from a lack of religion. Religion is supposed to be about a lack of awareness, of waking up. Look what we’ve degenerated into. …”      Extract from : The Anthony deMello Institute Goa: Awareness – 57

14 thoughts on “The terrible thing about religion

  1. I am a huge fan of Anthony De Mello for many years … difficulty is that most people associate ‘religion’ with the organisations that have caused some grief. ADM knew real spirituality, a strong interconnection that exceeded all boundaries. He had no qualms quoting various ‘religions’ to make his point.


    • hellow … we have a lot in common 🙂
      ‘ADM’ !!! I have purchased every one of his books available here … and copies to share with those I think might enjoy his reflections. Am so glad a Catholic priest introduced me to his writings at a time when he was …uhmmm .. not very much in favour 🙂

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      • I have had some of his books for decades plus! Hadn’t realised he had come into favour? Was quite upset when I heard he died, had always hoped to meet him.


        • Unfortunately I started reading his reflections only in 1999 decade or so after his death, but I too would have loved to have met him. I don’t think he has officially won favour within the church but his books are available in the Catholic Book shop run by the Diocese 🙂

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        • Ah but the Church wasn’t happy with Mother Teresa until the world recognised her then they swiftly got on board … so the less they approve then possibly the more enlightened that person is?


        • The institutional church does move very very slowly.. like turning a big ship. And there are always the nay sayers. Our enlightened Pope Francis is sadly surrounded by them. The Captain says change direction … the ships crew .. not quite Mutiny on Bounty but close !!
          I had not heard unhappiness with Mother Teresa at any stage >

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        • Didn’t realise it was secret? My best friend was with her order for years so maybe I’ve heard more. She broke off from her original order to help the dying, a real rebel. As I said once the people loved her the institution granted approval. She is the one who introduced me to ADM ages ago!


        • Your best friend was in Mother Theresa’s order ??? My mouth fell open 🙂 Did she meet Mother T too?
          Maybe Mother T knew ADM … and perhaps your friend met him too if she introduced you to him. You have me totally intrigued at the network. Such a small world finally. .

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        • Naturally she knew MT, she had interactions with her as one of her order! Didn’t mean literally introduced me to ADM, I meant was first to give me one of his books. I bought more later. Those two never met to my knowledge, MT and ADM. Sorry if I mislead you and very glad you clarified.


        • Oh my ….. You know someone who knew Mother T first hand!!!
          I knew you did were not literally introduced to ADM – I remember that you wished you had met him. Just wondered if MT and ADM had met .. probably not. Thanks for responding to my curiousity 🙂 Cheers

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