When the curtain falls for the last time …

At the height of my professional career, I came across a verse by an unknown author that had a profound impact on me.   The verse that I typed and pinned onto my bedroom door has long since withered, but I came across a copy today which I would like to share.

I am often dramatic

I think it was perhaps it was this daily reminder of  whose applause really mattered I and how I would face my Maker with my life’s story that maybe influenced me to retire early from the commercial success oriented rat race to live a more ‘fruitful’ and meaning life.

I can’t say that I have achieved this,  or whether I have actually ‘wasted my talents’ as a professional who was good at her job (my family is always on at me about this!!), but I feel that I am a happier and more content person.

Whether My Lord will clap at the way I have spent the last 10+ years is something that I am not so sure about.  There has been some good,  quite a bit of bad and a whole lot of ‘wasted’ time.  Honestly,  I could have done better.  Much much better.

As for the next few years  …. (or months, or weeks or days … who knows how much time any of us have) …

It’s time to put back my poster 🙂 !




2 thoughts on “When the curtain falls for the last time …

    • Elijah and the wind – one of the most dramatic and poignant scenes. I love it too. Can just imagine the scene – storms and hurricanes and (our) expectations that God will manifest in those …. and then the contrast of quiet and a whisper. Silence. That’s when I too like to listen.


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