Crocodile Alert !

Croc on lake 20180205_070706 wp3

My neighbour on Attidiya Lake – Lotus Grove in background.

My neighbour causes many passers-by to stop, to gaze, and to take his picture if possible.  You have to be a bit quick though because he tends to submerge himself if he thinks there are too many inquisitive eyes staring at him. 🙂

I myself have a bit blasé about having him for a neighbour.  He generally goes for a lazy afternoon stroll around 2 or – moving from one end of the lake to the other – gliding slowly and lazily, parallel to the road in front of our home.   Usually, he swims just under the surface with only two blobs of his eyes or a bit of his head visible – which those who have not been introduced to him may mistake for a twig.  However we his neighbours can tell his presence by the long dark shadow just under the surface of the water.

I walked parallel to his route one day last week to see where he ended his stroll.  He went into a little cove created by the trees on the opposite embankment.

Today he was out a little earlier than usual.  Or perhaps it was I who was out a little earlier than usual  (around 6.15 am) and probably because it was so early and there were less prying eyes  – he was there well above the water .. moving resolutely and blithely,  seeking the vitamin D of the morning sun on his skin,  uncaring that early passers-by stopped to admire him.

He is a fine specimen indeed.  You can’t be blasé – or act blasé about him if you tried.  A striking black and white that reminds you of a zebra.   I rushed back home to get my phone (camera) before he submerged himself again … but for some reason, he was most obliging today and stayed above the water till I returned to get a clear picture of his black and white striped pyjama suit.

Croc on Lake 20180205_070727 for WP post 1

Resident Croc – Attidiya Lake

It was not easy  but I managed to get a few photos through the chain link fence that separates the lake from our road – a fence we fought against when the lake was privatised – we filed a fundamental rights case for public ownership of the lake and won but that is another story.  The highest court in the land gave us the option to pull down the fence but by that time we had got used to it so we let it stay whilst the lake reverted to public.

The fence that separates neighbours

The fence that separates ‘neighbours’ – Lake Road, Attidiya

Grazing without fear wp

Grazing without fear – Lake Road, Attidiya

Today,  I thought to myself that it was a good option for both Mr. Croc and his neighbours on Lake Road who can now walk  (or graze) without fear.  And Mr. Croc too is guaranteed his freedom as long as he does not trespass.

Stay long gorgeous fella … I love having you as my neighbour.



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