Territorial War of Paws !

There definitely is a territorial war going on on Lake Road – or – in Sri Lankan parlance  – an ‘eelam‘ war as it is a battle to claim the Northern and Southern ends of Lake Road.

The main defender of territorial rights is Smokey Rasquinho, with backing and full support of FFF (fearless freedom fighter) aide and body-guard, ‘Kella’

WP Smoky 20180222_080607

Smokey – looks to his Commander in Chief for support.  Double brace put on after Bambi jumped on him snapping his leash 🙂

The usurpers  (listed later) are trying to  take over territory, staking a claim to the North of Lake Road whilst the bystanders (see list) who get involved in the fray are seeking promenade rights 🙂

So many tails – sorry  tales, of the War of Paws on Lake Road.  Today’s tale is how Snitch earned her name.

I was late, so Usurpers were out in full force when we stepped out at 7.15 today.  It is an unwritten treaty that whoever leaves the bedroom first gets to claim Lake Road for the day.  This is prime land.  You get a (sleeping) dog’s view of traffic, persons walking, tradesmen,  and all the ‘goings on’ which you do not get on the bi-lanes and alleys.

I however support Smokey’s claim that Usurpers should stick to their bi-lanes and leave Lake Road to the legal residents … but who can explain this to Usurpers?

So the battle starts each morning as every paw wants to claim prime land for lolling and lazing till noon.

We had gotten into the habit of going out late because I did not want to involve myself in the war  – but then Usurpers started claiming territory so vehemently that Smokey could not even get close to the North.  I realised that I, his Commander-in-Chief, had turned tail and gone into retreat mode betraying his cause.  So now we try to step out at dawn to try to reclaim territory.  He is first off the block with the peemail, (a descriptive term I learnt from a fellow blogger though I can’t recollect who ?) stamps his mark and we return.

But we got late today.

Noticing Usurpers around,  I did a quick ‘reccy’  to assess what battles needed to be fought.  Timid Brownie was around,  and Musso – very much outside his home base and approaching aggressively.  I stood my ground and called Bodyguard to go on ahead.  ‘Kella’ went running with her tail wagging and she and Whitey did – what looked to me like some nuzzling.   I thought ‘oh Lord! she is now sleeping with the enemy.’ 🙁 Smokey too got on full alert.  Kella and Whitey continue to nuzzle.  ‘Traitor,’ I said to myself.  However a few minutes later, Musso turned tail and calmly went away … back to 1st Lane.  Oh!  misjudged you. Good girl Kella … negotiation at its best?

WP Freedom Fighter 20180221_062123

Smoky’s Aide, Body guard and Fearless Freedom Fighter – aka Kella guarding her territory .  She has replaced ‘Monster, King of the Road. .

We continued North. The one woman Bodyguard Battalion went ahead clearing the way. Timid Brownie was easy to dispose of.  She retreated in a hurry, surrendering in crouched position near 1st Lane.   I noticed she started making ‘funny sounds’ – not barking nor whining, just odd sounds when we passed by.  “Hellow Lady … you want something you can’t handle?🙄”   I ignored her and moved past 1st Lane.   Her ‘sound’ changed to a bark  –  a serious sounding bark, so I looked back to see what was going on.  Fortunately I did.  Musso was approaching at full speed for an assault from the rear.  Timid Brownie had ‘snitched’ with that funny sound she made and Musso was back in the fray.

Fortunately, I was armed with a long white bayonet and ready for him.   I waved it ferociously, shouting to him to get away, and bent as if to pick up a hand grenade.  He retreated to his bunker in the bi-lane.

Small victory for Smokey and Fearless Freedom Fighter aka Kella.   At least for today all is quiet on the Northern front.

And Timid Browny got renamed – SNITCH.

P.S.  This narration is all in good fun.  I love dogs and whilst I would defend Smokey from attack, I would personally never attack any of the Ursurpers 🙂


  • Whitey – re-christened Musso or Mussolini because of his belligerent war mongering attitude.
  • Spotted White dog from 2nd Lane aka Deven-iyaa (meaning No. 2 both in address and in rank)
  • Mongrel who roams all over wanting area for himself.  He has attacked humans with sniper bites. Let’s call him Luna for I don’t want to offend him with ‘Lunatic’ as he really is unstable and unpredictable.
  • Deceptively innocent looking Brownie – renamed Snitch from today: story below.

The bystanders:

  • Maggie – obedient to her Commander General.  A terrorist when he is not around
  • Bambi,  Labrador, totally controls Private Piyadasa.  He often gives up on their tug of war and she then drags him around, leaping onto anything – including Smokey (snapping his leash and scaring the daylights out of him; hence his double leash !)
  • Dalmy the Dalmation – peaceable fellow.
  • Scruffy –  terrier toy dog with a bark 50 times bigger than size; probably thinks he is an Alsatian.
  • Ahinsaka (innocent) Brown Labrador;  Kella,  resents her promenading.

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