Just do it !!


Credit : Haroldsplanet.com

No … this is not an advertisement for Nike.  It is a talk to myself.  (And also to you.)

I had got so used to the Book Lite theme – the colors and the Ramblin’ Rose image which I had set up and which seemed so much a part of me, that I am was hesitant of change.  It feels like letting a piece of me float away.

But I have gone ahead and taken the plunge tried out a couple of shoes themes and have been attracted by this Suburbia theme which captures recent blogs on one screen – without requiring you to scroll down ….. and down ….. and down ….😥  .. i.e. if you were interested/persistent enough to find out any thing of anything.  So – you can say I did it for you. ☺️

Honestly though, I did not start out thinking about you. I was helping a friend set up his blog and in ‘demo-ing’ various themes – realised the absence of a side-bar meant a lot of scrolling so decided to try this out – and try to make it feel like my space.

Book Lite has not, in any case, been updated for sometime so a theme change would have happened eventually.  I have also been trying to refocus my writings.

I started out with what I thought were clear demarcations of ‘Encounters with Myself, my Lord and life’ into which my posts would fall.  Naive me.  More and more I am finding out that all three Encounters are totally intertwined,  and it is difficult to draw the lines clearly.  So this theme change is also an occasion for a long overdue revamp whilst I think things through.

If you are one of my regular readers – or even a newcomer – I would really appreciate any feedback on how this looks, and feels  … and works.   It is still an’ ‘in progress’ task so I welcome all suggestions as I try on the different shoes till I find one that is ME.

Thanks for your patience whilst I do some redecorating.

Image Credit :

AbstractPaint : https://pngtree.com/freepng/abstract-ink_

Stickman with book :  https://pngtree.com/freepng/stickman-book_2809222.html


3 thoughts on “Just do it !!

  1. I like the style of having all blog posts easy to see, but I also miss the glorious spread of roses across the top. For me, that shot said so much about you: your generosity, your love of beauty, the nature of you. It is, in fact, what drew me to follow you.

    This one feels more business like. But that’s my eyes. I expect the thing to do is work with it for a while, see if you are comfortable with it, and tweak when necessary. One of the great things about WordPress is you can change your mind multiple times!

    Sending you a hug for your new journey! J.

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  2. RR, I really like the new look! My blog is singularly focused so a single post seems fitting right now. But your write about multiple topics and this new look allows me to get a better “overview” of your writing “prongs” so to speak.
    I say, just have fun with it!!
    Mary Grace


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