God, FB … and me 😇

Funny I did not realise my Creator could be talking to me through FB😱 that is one hell of a thought… or one heaven of a thought😍 ….but when you think about it … why not? Here’s how it happened.

Only yesterday I looked at my Cherry blossom tree which is just bursting into flower and asked God “Please,  can you let me keep this tree without it toppling over.  I know it seems foolhardy,  but I really love these flowers. So ,  should I cut it or trust you to hold it up for me? I can trim it a bit more maybe …? ”   and I left my conversation open ended. I thought that I would have to take a decision soon.

I should explain that the tree next to it –  an older and  much more solid Ficus of double the girth  – came crashing down in heavy rains in November 2017.  We usually park our cars beneath them, but that evening a guardian angel nudged my brother to step out in the down-pour and move both cars further up the road to where there were no trees.   He had hardly returned when he heard a prolonged creaking sound … and whilst he watched, the Ficus slowly and carefully pulled away from its roots and fell right across the road. 

Writing this I realise,  why oh why did I  not see before that the tree,  guided by its Creator,  was gently untangling its roots to keep the boundary wall (which was just one foot away)  intact?   We all said it was a miracle but the more I think of it the more it astounds me.  You will see from the pictures below how close the tree was to the boundary wall and the house- and how huge!!  And yet it fell without even an inch of damage!!

wp 2017-11-30 007

Roots gently untangled to save boundary wall

wp 2017-11-30 035

The Girth. Had to be split in two to be hauled away. A part still remains.

wp 36 ft 2017-11-30 013

Spanned a 40 ft road without downing high voltage wires!!.

And the connection between God and FB ?

Well after I whispered the prayer for my tree yesterday,  FB reminds me today about a post written three years ago to the very day : –  a post I had totally forgotten about titled Earth’s crammed with heaven and referring to – you guessed it – my Cherry Blossom tree.

And what is so uncanny is that FB never EVER has reminded me of posts on my WordPress blog,  but “chose” to remind me of this less than 24 hours after my whispered my prayer/question to God.

I had trimmed  the branches when brother Ficus came down as ‘Sherry’ was more exposed to heavy gusts but was still not sure if to take her down completely   ?

So through FB’s reminder  – incredible as it sounds – I believe God was reminding me that Sherry had been saved before and I should not worry.   I believe I can now keep her around some more to give glory to her Maker with the most beautiful and fragile of flowers that makes your heart sing.

Indeed as Elizabeth Barrett Browning  wrote ..  “Earth’s is crammed with heaven and every common bush afire with God.”   

9 thoughts on “God, FB … and me 😇

    • Thank you for the encouraging comment. I am not sure if you have found that there are times when ‘forwards’, something you read or hear… all seem to be giving you a specific message …. or a topic you need to work/reflect on. 🤔😄

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  1. OMG – do not know how the tree managed to escape the wires and the wall – but then thats the wonder which so often passes us by unnoticed. Thanks sista for opening my eyes to the loving hands at work. Earth’s crammed with heaven for our pleasure. The thought makes me melt.

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    • Yep Sista – Indeed loving hands at work. Not only did the tree fall without hitting wires or up-rooting wall – or even pulling Sherry over down since their branches were so entangled …😲 but imagine .. it less than 10 minutes after the two cars were moved. If that isn’t a statement of “how do I love thee … now you go count the ways!! “😍😍


    • Hi Janet …did wonder if people would think I’m ‘looney bin’ 🙃 but kinda thought that you would understand! Have been much on my mind lately as I have become avid follower of Rohr – directed to him by a mention in one of your posts. (Think I mentioned to you before ?). Had known of him from my theology course but now I follow his daily reflections (thanks to you) and that has brought the awareness of the myriad faces and languages of God. As in this post.
      How are you doing friend ? I have been on and off my site … but meaning to give more time soon – God willing. Hugs and TC 😘


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