The Devil is at the gate !!

Truth be told, I have been very un-civic minded, totally unconcerned about the forthcoming Presidential elections. Did not want to waste my time.

The UNP that I have traditionally backed has failed to deliver.  They have failed to deliver justice for crimes of previous regime as promised and have created their own.  Ranil is intent on hanging onto power with no compunction whatsoever.

The incumbent President is intent on making the most of his position.  He cannot decide which camp he falls into, or which horse to place his fortunes on. Although elected with much hope, he has turned out to be devious and scheming.  We realise now that he showed his true colours in ousting/betraying the President of his own party.

Rajapaksha himself is always tainted by scandals whilst in and out of office  but continues blithely in his own bubble. Appointed PM in a questionable action by a scheming President, and then ignominiously taken out by the Courts, Mahinda continues to hold onto his grin and his red scarf, biding his time to return his family to power to operate the money machine of this country.  Actually, he does not even have to return to power to siphon resources and ignore laws. Witness fiasco of naval appointments to his offspring whilst members of the family jostle to ascend the throne.  Which one would be nominated – sons or brothers?  Which brother?  Gotabaya seemed the logical heir apparent but how MR was going to dupe party members and voters to get his brother nominated beats me.

With so many pending criminal charges and investigations against him both here and in the USA, would he be nominated?  The question rather was, how could a man with such a record be nominated under the Election laws and Constitution of the country? Well it appears that either our laws our flawed, or the people deciphering the laws are deaf and dumb and blind – or bought over – for no man should be allowed to contest the highest office in the land until he is cleared of all criminal and bribery charges –  and until it is an undisputed fact that he holds the required citizenship of our country.

But that’s only my opinion.  It seems that he has ‘bypassed’ all such obstacles and is a nominated Presidential Candidate.  For now at least.

And what of the opposition?  The man in green was wavering and dithering, unable to decide,  and nominated Sajith at the eleventh hour. was nominated.  Anyone would think that RW was trying to scuttle his own man or his own party.

If he had not nominated Sajith, I would have moved from Green.  They have been given too many chances.  Numerous other worthy candidates have come forward.  Any one of them would be preferable to the power-hungry, money grabbing Rajapaksa family who are a law unto themselves.

Still, even after hearing of Sajith’s nomination,  I was apathetic.  I would vote for him and let the chips fall.  The country after all deserved the President they chose. If they had no more sense than to place their fortunes in the hands of those who would transfer it to their own pockets, that was the problem they would have to live with.  My fortunes are not of this world, so I was listless.  The country has gone to the dogs anyway.

And then this morning, when I looked at my phone, the news article with the You-tube clip was right on top.  Again, truth be told, I did not even recognise the speaker – I am that disinterested in party politics !!! – but since I could not go back to sleep (jet lag) I watched the video. His words set off alarm bells.  The death knell would ring for Sri- Lanka if we do not watch and pray.

The devil was indeed at the gate. Knocking with empty promises to the economic elite; the same genre of promises that Satan tempted our Lord with … I will give you all the riches of the world, I will develop your country, I will make your businesses flourish …

We seem to be in danger of forgetting that you cannot serve two Masters.  You cannot serve God and Mammon.  You have to choose.  It is black or white. It is that simple.

The Devil offered Prosperity, Power and Prestige.  We cannot fall for these promises; we have to stand for what is right: for truth, justice, honour and integrity;  for genuine concern for the widow and orphan; compassion for the homeless, the economically deprived rather than the economic elite.  That is the only way to start to build a better Sri -Lanka.

Sajith has apparently challenged anyone who can accuse him of taking a bribe or influencing a contract or tender to come forward. Given the massive corruption that prevails, this level of integrity is a qualification of the highest order.  Beyond that, he is a worker.  He rolls up his sleeves and works for the people without vested interest in filling his own pockets. These two are enough qualification for me.

Whilst there may be others too on the nomination list, the words of the speaker in the YouTube hit home. The devil is indeed at the gate and there is only one option to save our Country.

Many choices but only one option.   That option is Sajith.

…PS.  the video that jolted me awake was a news report Youtube clip titled :  United Left Front to support Sajith Premadasa.

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