Creative Disposal!

I was intrigued by Jithin’s  picture of items dumped in crevices in the wall and kept my eyes open for any such handy storage units in my area.

I got lucky.  This wall had a bottle dumped in almost every ‘weep hole’ ie.  holes to allow rain water to escape.  I could not get a shot of the whole wall, nor is it as colourful as Jithin’s  but these tell the story of handy disposal 🙂

Can I draw a conclusion that this ‘creativity’ (or laziness ?) is unique to the Indian sub continent?

Miss Ladybird …

Miss Ladybird

Sweet Camouflage

In response to Jithin’s MMC post  of things ‘underfoot’.

A real live occupant of the grass Image result for emoticon smiley faces Only the little red dot gives notice of her presence scurrying amongst the leaves.

Sadly she is fast becoming a rarity in my area.

Kindness to four footed ‘fellow travellers’

Sights like this – two guys having their breakfast under the shade of a tree and sharing it with our four footed fellow travellers, really brings a smile to your heart and beauty into a Mundane Monday.

It is giving that we receive ...

It is giving that we receive …

I know the photo is not great – yes, taken from behind the wheel 🙂 but the scene was so beautiful I felt I would share it for the Mundane Monday Challenge  to find beauty in the things around us.

Tips for Photography, Prayer … and Life.

I have been participating in a Mundane Monday Challenge created by Jithin @ Photrablogger

 “to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple :  find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs.”

I came across this during my ‘retreat’ time today and would like to share with all those participating in the challenge.  It is a great tip on AWARENESS AND PAYING ATTENTION. 

Advice That Applies in More Than One Context

photographer in silhouette

My advice: Slow down. Pause to savor the moment. Breathe deeply. Think about how things smell, what the air feels like on your skin, and look at what you’re seeing: the colors, the shapes, the shadows. Think about how it came to be.

Sound like advice for prayer? It certainly could be applied to that, but the advice comes from Josh Noel in an article on taking amazing travel photos.

At this time of year, when many of us are looking forward to summer vacations, the advice to slow down and pay attention is well-timed—and appropriate for both photography and a life of prayer.

And if you get that great travel shot in a prayerful moment, please share it with us at our sister blog, Picturing God.

Girls just wanna have fun ….!

and are so anxious to ‘grow up’  … who dares tell them that

you will find more happiness growing down than up !!! (Author unknown)

Or is that true only as you pass a certain age?

Mundane Monday Challenge 22

Looks like I am growing down because I found happiness and beauty just looking at these which I would like to share with the Mundane Monday community

Tell me if you agree that growing down is fun too (❛‿❛✿̶̥̥) ?

Changing Guards and Pelicans on street lights …

Changing Guards

These brilliant red Ceiling Wax palm trunks looking like sentinels with rifles at ready, reminded me of the childhood chorus :

The changing guards of Buckingham Palace

Christopher Robin went down with Alice

Alice is marrying one of the guards

“A soldier’s life is terribly hard,” says Alice !

Obviously one of the songs of the British colonies huh 🙂   Wondering now whether Alice deserted Mr. Robin for a guard, Wiki advised that Christopher Robin was a children’s character named by A. A. Milne (of Winnie the Pooh Fame) after his own son.  Interesting !

And interesting how these red barks took me back through the years to the song.  Posting in response to Photrabloggers picture on palm fronds (last week 😦  )

For this weeks challenge – these pelicans perched atop the street lights were too beautiful to pass by – so I had to click even though I was driving  (yeah dangerous). It was a beautiful sight though the pictures are not that great. (I did say I was driving right 🙂 )

1 Street light Colombo RF

4 Street light152525 RF

A doctor can bury his mistakes

but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines!  (Frank Lloyd Wright, Americas famous architect.)

Hamad Airport Doha 9 Jun 2015
No vines were visible at the new Hamad International Airport in Doha.  The lighting and minimal use of colour, the absence of extraneous fittings and accessories – except in the ‘activity areas’ – emphasise the architects pride in his work which needs no adornment. It certainly was very striking and is my response to Angles challenge of Photrablogger – along with the contrastingly humdrum ‘Angles of my Abode’ … and a little visitor who turns mundane into beautiful.   Angles and birds

 Maybe I’ll grow some vines when she leaves 🙂