Territorial War of Paws !

There definitely is a territorial war going on on Lake Road – or – in Sri Lankan parlance  – an ‘eelam‘ war as it is a battle to claim the Northern and Southern ends of Lake Road.

The main defender of territorial rights is Smokey Rasquinho, with backing and full support of FFF (fearless freedom fighter) aide and body-guard, ‘Kella’

WP Smoky 20180222_080607

Smokey – looks to his Commander in Chief for support.  Double brace put on after Bambi jumped on him snapping his leash 🙂

The usurpers  (listed later) are trying to  take over territory, staking a claim to the North of Lake Road whilst the bystanders (see list) who get involved in the fray are seeking promenade rights 🙂

So many tails – sorry  tales, of the War of Paws on Lake Road.  Today’s tale is how Snitch earned her name.

I was late, so Usurpers were out in full force when we stepped out at 7.15 today.  It is an unwritten treaty that whoever leaves the bedroom first Continue reading