Just do it !!


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No … this is not an advertisement for Nike.  It is a talk to myself.  (And also to you.)

I had got so used to the Book Lite theme – the colors and the Ramblin’ Rose image which I had set up and which seemed so much a part of me, that I am was hesitant of change.  It feels like letting a piece of me float away.

But I have gone ahead and taken the plunge tried out a couple of shoes themes and have been attracted by this Suburbia theme which captures recent blogs on one screen – without requiring you to scroll down ….. and down ….. and down ….😥  .. i.e. if you were interested/persistent enough to find out any thing of anything.  So – you can say I did it for you. ☺️

Honestly though, I did not start out thinking about you. I was helping a friend set up his blog and in ‘demo-ing’ various themes – realised the absence of a side-bar meant a lot of scrolling so decided to try this out – and try to make it feel like my space.

Book Lite has not, in any case, been updated for sometime so a theme change would have happened eventually.  I have also been trying to refocus my writings.

I started out with what I thought were clear demarcations of ‘Encounters with Myself, my Lord and life’ into which my posts would fall.  Naive me.  More and more I am finding out that all three Encounters are totally intertwined,  and it is difficult to draw the lines clearly.  So this theme change is also an occasion for a long overdue revamp whilst I think things through.

If you are one of my regular readers – or even a newcomer – I would really appreciate any feedback on how this looks, and feels  … and works.   It is still an’ ‘in progress’ task so I welcome all suggestions as I try on the different shoes till I find one that is ME.

Thanks for your patience whilst I do some redecorating.

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AbstractPaint : https://pngtree.com/freepng/abstract-ink_

Stickman with book :  https://pngtree.com/freepng/stickman-book_2809222.html


I would like to be known ….

in her own words  … 😍

Maya Angelou on 'being'

Maya Angelou on Maya Angelou

Writer, poet, civil rights activist …she was indeed an intelligent, courageous and loving woman who taught us by ‘being’ who she was without fear or apology.

We write for the same reason that we walk, talk, climb mountains or swim the oceans – because we can.   We have some impulse within us that makes us want to explain ourselves to other human beings. That’s why we paint, that’s why we dare to love someone – because we have the impulse to explain who we are.

Maya Angelou

The heart of my writing …

Following a link today I was blessed with this awesome post To Thine Own Self which has nuggets of wisdom- one of which really touched me

There is no greater beauty than that of the Pen of God

being breathed out the mouth of one onto the pages of another heart.

Would that I wrote like that to bring beauty into the world and the hearts of men!!  Would that the Heart of my Writing touched other hearts ….

These beautiful drawings by kids under a Heart of my writing project which I also stumbled on today made me realise that I too need to do a similar ‘heart of my writing’  exercise  this week as I refocus on my somewhat neglected site.