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I am a child of the Universe, born a twin six minutes after my sister.  My parents had no idea I was in there until AFTER my sister was born. This was once upon a time in the 1950’s when scans were not common place.  Sounds ancient does it not?  But although I have just past 60, I feel like my  journey is just beginning. Perhaps it is because I have looked up and around and realised I have not consciously made use of this thing called Life, nor given back to the world what I should.  And so there is an anxiousness to do something quick, to be able to say my life has been meaningful, before the sands of time run out.


I love to write, put my thoughts down, for “how can I know what I think unless I see what I say”. (Forster)

So I write, essentially about my Encounters with myself, with others, and with my Lord.  The distinctions are not always clear.  More and more I find that they are all inter-twined.  When I encounter others, I am in some way encountering myself, and when I encounter myself, I encounter my Lord.

A favorite quotations captures this best:  “Oh unchanging God, help me know myself, that I might know you.”  St Augustine.

And so I started this ‘blog  – an open book into which I want to scribble my mind’s story.  If you turn the pages, I hope you enjoy it, for it is all I can share on cyber space – which  Chardin called “the noo-sphere”.

You can find out a bit more about me in a post I wrote when I subscribed to WordPress 101 writing challenge – Who do I say I am?  😀

Ramblin’ Rose – a sweet memory. 

I am sure my Dad had no idea how I would turn out when he sang the lullaby to me, in a voice almost as glorious as Nat King Cole:   Ramblin’ rose, ramblin’ rose  …..Why you ramble, no one knows   …..

I can’t promise that anyone is going to love me or my ramblings but just as the Rose goes where the sun draws it … so too must I go … wherever The Son draws me. 


I would like to hear from you and hope you will share your insights and discoveries as we travel to our final destination, ‘whatever you conceive it to be .

I look forward to making the world a smaller place 🙂 for we are all Angels with one wing helping each other to fly.

Meanwhile, here is the glorious lullaby my Father sang to me.  ENJOY

28 thoughts on “About

  1. Ramblin’ Rose: I enjoyed your blog and it set me to remembering Nat King Cole lyrics from long ago – my dad was also a fan. You’re dad thought of your as Ramblin’ Rose; my dad probably thought of me as a “very strange, enchanted boy.” Some of those songs have been going through my head, since I read your post.

    Thanks for addressing important issues. Thanks too for reading and liking shaynelooper.com.

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    • Hi Shayne .. sorry I missed responding. I had not heard Cole’s Nature boy before and looked it up/listened. Do you feel a connection to it ? Its strange – I feel the words of my Dad’s lullaby shaped me in many ways – I felt loved and secure wherever I chose to roam. Have not made the connection before … but a good time to replicate the feelings with my Heavenly Father. Best.


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    • Hi Stella – sorry I missed responding. I followed your link today and left a comment. It was so appropriate that I read it today … and not when you sent it … as had just resolved to ‘be more disciplined and focused’ on my writing (echoes of words😍) and have started tweaking and redesigning to help navigate. I lke my previous BookLite theme but it had no side bar which is helpful … so am trying out a few.

      If you have the time … would appreciate your thoughts on the change which is still WIP …🤔.


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  4. Hello Rosanne, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments. Your blog is beautiful, I love the photographs and the soft rose colour of the background. Soothing and peaceful. I look forward to more of your posts. X


  5. Thanks for following my blog. You might like one of my light-hearted posts, “Christmas In The 50s.” You also might like “Christmas Of Simpler Times.” Please have a blessed day.


    • I am happy to accept the nomination particularly from one who makes the pursuit of wisdom the focus of her blog as wisdom has been ‘my delight’ too. I have also been inspired by you to seek it from elders around me so thank you both for the nomination and the inspiration. Will check in for the details :}

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  6. Hi Rosanne — I came here after you commented on my blog, and I’m glad to have found your site! You have such a cheerful, welcoming style of writing, it feels like you’re giving readers big virtual hugs! I’ve added your site as today’s entry on my “Random Kindness Blog Tour” list of positive blogs. 🙂

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    • Am happy too. I look forward to reading your posts but could not find the usual follow button. Only the email subscribe. I was looking for follow button would send your posts direct to my reader? Ps Am browing on phone these days so maybe cant see it. Will check on my desktop over weekend.


      • I also have the boxes to check at the bottom of each post, is that what you mean? They show up on my phone, so maybe there was some glitch when you looked earlier — you’ll probably see them when you look again.


    • Wow. . (For want of a better word! ) what a lovely compliment. Thank you.
      Am honoured to be added to your list. You have an awesome collection there. Plenty to choose from without idle search. Congratulations on a really brilliant idea and community n people focused blog.


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