Becoming what I want to be …

Six months since I set up a blog site  … almost in self defiance –  challenging myself to write  despite the fact that I was just about to give up the idyllic life and re-enter the commercial world.  It was perhaps  a way of putting up a sign post, a land mark, making a promise to myself that I would return to write.

I knew I would be busy in the months ahead with a newly formed tour company promoting our fair isle Sri Lanka.  My task was to put in place the financial systems and strategies and move on. But I find myself wanting to help visitors truly enjoy the sights, sounds and wondrous beauty of Sri Lanka;  to give them the time of their lives in the time available to them at an affordable price.  But that takes  research  and  ‘work’ .

The problem is I did not want to really go back to work.  I want to read and write.  Perhaps I can compromise with a travel blog? I don’t know.  Let me think about that.

I do know that incidents in the past week have tuned me into the frailty of life.  The sands of time are running out.  I have not yet become the person I want to be.  As R. L. Stevenson said  To be what you are and to become what you are capable of becoming is the only end of life’.

It sometimes feels like I have barely started the journey. I have not yet become everything I want to be.  I have not yet been molded  into The Son, but still wander far from Him .. and from those whom I should be helping.  He has  given me a  grace period this past week – to be with aging elders who may have been taken away if I had not pleaded for time.  So how do I use it – not just this time given to me but the rest of my life?   How do I balance all the many many things I want to do? ..

I need to turn to The Son .. to get my bearings and direction from him. The Hand that guides  the Universal Clock will surely help me to make every minute count if I turn to Him for He must know that this wayward one only wants to be in Him.  roX  – Rosanne in Christ.

2 thoughts on “Becoming what I want to be …

    • Thank you for the encouragement and insight .. ‘writing feeds your life.’ Never thought of it quite that way but it is also a way to interpret parable of the talents … seeds planted in us. If the seeds of our genetic make up is to write then . “writing brings the seeds to bloom” (your post) and by extension, discerning our talents and nurturing it is a call to fullness of life. You’ve opened the door wider … Gracias ! .


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